Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hooray!!! have u ever felt so great after an exam???? this is what me n my friends feel right now....we just finished our exam (28/4/09 at 5.00pm)....
after that all of us went crazy, cheering for our success to complete our 6years course...what a long time....this is what we have been waiting for....
now we have to wait for out posting letter....nervous la plak ^_^....but again to our juniors, be patient....ur time will come soon....chaiyok2 ^_^
next week preparation for english camp....cant wait for that...really looking ofrward for events that can help us ease the apprehension that we feel about posting ^_^

Thursday, April 9, 2009

assalamualaikum n hai..
this entry is gonna show u several pictures (which i didnt include in my last entry ^_^) taken during our outing time....picnic, bowling..etc ^_^

bowling time !!!

the red plus green team ^_^

'pro' bergambar sebelum beraksi ^_^winner, the blue team:camel,da,azmi n jey (kalut 2 menyibuk, boy(green shirt) plak vip ^_^)

sebelum blk, buat onar dulu =p

dinner after bowling

picnic time ^_^

breakfast - pulut, sambal ikan bilis, ikn perkasam, teh o - ubat lentok
geng2 bakar ayam
ayam bakar sendiri beb: thanks to those who r involved in making this ayam looked tempting ^_^

lapar plak bila dah mandi sejuk2 nih

sepatutnya gmbar ni kas n in ja tp tba2 ramai plak yg interframe termasuk la aku hahaha

ms mula2 smpai, cr port bakar ayam

ni la lata bayu, kat baling

tqah, camel, boy n milah, bdk plg hot dlm cohort 2^_^ (yg tunjuk peace)

seperti biasa, pi mana2 sebelum blk, buat onar dulu =p

nwy these r the pictures taken....actually there r lots more to show but so lazy to upload them...xpa, yg nih pun rsnya dah ckup ^_^

Monday, April 6, 2009

berkelah time!!!!
assalamualaikum n hai...
well for this entry i would lk to tell u bout our picnic time...in lata bayu, baling..
best ^_^
it was 2 days ago....
nwy it started with gda...she suggested it...since she is from baling...
the rest ikut ja...bab2 enjoy mmg laju ^_^
then, we discussed on what we want eat, who follow, how much to pay n etc
again, gda was the leader, go baby G (nwy that's her manja2 name)^_^
so we decided to pay rm5 to my rumet, nani...
for ayam bakar, nasi, air sirap, ulam2, sambal belacan, n kesemua mknan yg sesuai dibawa berkelah ^_^ (the most important part - we prepared all these ourselves)
most gratitude to gda, najat n nani coz they went to gda's house one day earlier - to prepare what were needed to be prepared....especially the ayams ^_^
so the next day we went to gda's house....did some final preparations...thanks to gda's family also..
for supporting n helping us to accomplish our picnic day...
so we went to lata bayu at 10...have to be there early...if not, no parking for u, no place for u to lepak2
we set up the "tempat bakar ayam"....thanks to wan n azmi who gave their 110% concentration to set it up.....ssh oooo...
me? doing nothing...just sat there n watching them trying their hard to set it up....ye la nak tlg kang kena mrh - takut merosakkan plak ^_^
after that, half of us - pergi mandi2....
another half (yg xmandi), tlg bakar ayam ^_^
pandai diaorg bakar ayam...tp pandai lg yg marinade the ayams (which obviously gda, nani n najat ^_^)
bley dah member2 aku ni kawen - sbb pandai masak....hahahah
nwy we spent 5 hours there....sampai hitam aku...dah la mmg hitam...adoi....
we played so-called water polo (instead of using a ball- we used selipar jamban =p)
merata selipar tu terbang....sory la kpd sesiapa yg terkena penangan selipar itu =p
accidents pun ada gak....bt this part i want to make it as a classified case....i want to name it as kes anak itik ^_^
tp trip nih mmg best, sejuk sgt airnya....damai sgt rsnya....lps tension2 wat assignments, dpt enjoy2 mcm nih mmg best =)
dah puas mandi, we went back to gda's house....clearing up all the mess....finishing up food....we even prepared nasi goreng which i called it "carca-merba" (coz we added everything in that nasi) for our dinner....then after asar, headed back to maktab....
it was such a tiring day...especially to gda,najat n nani....but everybody seemed to enjoy this trip...
but xenjoy bila the next day, ramai cirit birit ^_^ ye la, mkn mcm2, dah plak sakan mencicah mangga dgn garam belacan....mana la xskt perut...bt i'm sure it's worth it...skt perut sbb mkn mcm2 smpai senak perut ^_^
so really hope this is not gonna b our last picnic day...looking forward for more picnics, insyaallah ^_^
hari keluar ^_^
assalamualaikum n hai....
it has been a while since my last entry...so lazy to write one ^_^
now i'm back with several new entries...
first talking bout my last monday day out..
22 of us went out for bowling tournament...sort of...^_^
really enjoyed it...first becoz i dun really know how to play bowling...(this is the most interesting part -u should see how i played -really terrible^_^)
my friends kept saying "ejat, lemah lembut ckit...jgn kasaq sgt"...adoi lemah lembut lah yg plg payah...coz i kept throwing, i mean literally like throwing the ball...u know how the bowling ball would sound like "boom" when i threw it ^_^
second, it was interesting becoz majority of us were there...somehow we conquered the bowling center with our cheers...
winning or not winning did not matter...what matters we played together n cheered together...menang cheer ja....hahaha
we played 3 games...yg menang dpt hamper...well, camel's group won the so-called tournament ^_^
the rest menang cheers...the next day everybody dah sakit tekak =p
next: the same week we had our Wednesday day out....
it was movie time
my classmates n i (14 of us) went to CS sg petani n watched talent time...
interesting movie bt honestly it is nt the type of movie that i fancy to watch...
i love action+horror+everything (i call it as my 'disturbing' movies, hahaha)
after the movie, i could see tears in the eyes - red eyes was normal at that time...^_^
bt then i still enjoyed being with my friends...teasing them with the emotional parts in the movie...
i dun know why bt i didnt cry...my rumet said "hati rumet aku keras ckit"...honestly i was personally waiting for the 'touching' moments - tunggu punya tunggu, aik dah abih....
xpa lah...maybe kena tgk sorg2, br bley feeling2 ckit ^_^
after movie, we went out together for dinner....buat bising kat tmpt mkn, then blk (we r really gud at making noises - cuma waktu mkn ja senyap)
my dad ckp all of us mcm ayam.....kalau xmkn, mulut bising2, dpt mkn - semua senyap....bt it's true though - that's one thing that all of us share - we love to eat - trying different types of food at different places....konon2 mcm buat rancangan sendiri "jalan2 cr mkn" selain "jln2 cr pasai" hahaha.....
nwy next entry would be on our picnic day out in Lata bayu...best dapat mandi air terjun ^_^