Saturday, January 31, 2009

this morning , i went shopping with my sis....we bought few things and i was looking for my shurah day happened to be that there was a salegirl, 'helping' me to find my shurah day cream bt unfortunately dah habis....this is the conversation that happened between me and the salegirl:
yes miss, u cari apa??

i cari day cream shurah...ada x??

shurah???(dgn muka pelik)

yes, shurah...ada x???

shurah xdak la...i recommend yg len la, nak x??

xmau la..i nak shurah ja...

ala i nak recommend product elok punya punya..

xmau la...i nak pkai local product...nak sokong local product..

maka dengan 'kerek'nya dia menjawab:

ala pakai local product, muka mcm local kalau pkai international product, muka mcm international...

at that particular time, i was so pissed off..ONE; because the salegirl is not pretty at all n i'm sure she uses international product rite?? (based on the conversation)... SECOND; what's wrong with local products??there are lots of good local products what...we should never ever underistimate our own local products.. not all local products are that bad...i'm not ashamed to admit that i do use local products because if us malaysians do not support our own products, who else, rite???

Friday, January 30, 2009

.it was so fun, having the opportunity to have dinner, together with family...we went to kuala perlis...we did go there once....this was our 2nd visit there....i love the place...the scenery is sooooooo beautifulllllll......^_^ subhanallah, so beautiful...
but the food was so more food at that particular stall....why didnt they make use of the opportunity having a stall facing a beautiful scenery??....there r few stalls with fantastic food bt u know la when u come to a place with so many stalls at one place, u become 'rambang mata' hehehe n u even forget the same particular place that u have been before....regardless the tasteless food that we had, it was still fun...^_^
my sis' influence...
me n my sis...
my bro n his new 'girlfriend' ^_^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

quality vs quantity...which 1 do u prefer the most?? having quality or quantity time with ur loved ones ??hmm for me i prefer both ^_^ my family and i went for a picnic was so fun because it has been ages that we spend our holidays together...besides, my father is a very busy man (sort of workaholic) n we rarely have the time to see him...besides, me, my sis, my bro study in different places...this add up to the reasons why we rarely have the opportunity to spend our time together...but still, we love the quantity time that we have especially if we have 1 week of holiday but my father doesnt have we only have the time to see him during dinner (8-9 cz my parents sleep really early-around 9.30 - n the next morning, 6.30 my father will go for work)..that's the routine.... but we have no complaints bout that becz we have been trained to accept every minute that we have (regardless quality or quantity) and spend it effectively...and for today, it was one of the memorable memories that we (one whole big family) had experienced...what am i trying to say here is, never ever complaint that u dun have enough time to be spent with ur loved ones...the most important thing is u have to learn to accept every minute that u have and turn it into ur most quality time...n i am really sure that u will never forget this quantity turn into quality times...insyaallah... ^_^

Monday, January 26, 2009

menyulusuri petang bersama 4 adikku yang lain, kami memenuhi petang cuti kami dgn bermain badminton...hahaha mmg seronok...dapat meluangkan masa cuti bersama n yg penting hatiku diruntun kesedihan apabila ku lihat xramai anak muda yg suka menghabiskan masa mereka dgn perkara2 yg berfaedah...aku xkata semua tp kebanyakannya begitu...aku sedih kerana kebanyakannya menghabiskan masa di pusat2 video, merempit, menayang motor, berdating, melepak tanpa matlamat yg jelas...sedih, mmg sedih...inikah generasi pemimpin masa akan datang??? jika ini bakal pemimpin masa akan datang, aku takut untuk meniti hidup tuaku pada zaman pimpinan pemimpin begini...aku masih ingat zaman mudaku, yg plg penting zaman kanak2ku- bermain bersama rakan2 - permainan tuju kasut, galah panjang, dan sebagainya menjadi 'santapan' petang kami...hingga pernah suatu ketika aku dikurung di luar rumah kerana asyik bermain hingga terlupa waktu maghrib yang itu suatu pengalaman yg xpernah aku lupa kerana pengalaman itu mengajar aku untuk menjadi manusia yg lebih bertanggungjawab dan tidak leka dalam dunia sendiri ^_^..bertanggungjawab terhadap peranan aku sebagai anak - untuk tidak leka bermain dan mengabaikan nasihat dan suruhan ibubapaku...tetapi jika ku lihat remaja sekarang, aku jd takut...kebanyakannya seperti sudah hilang rasa tanggungjawab mereka terhadap masyarakat dan yg penting kepada diri sendiri....masa petang atau riadah dipenuhi dgn kata2 hamun...ini apa yg aku saksikan sendiri...seorang ahli masyarakat yang rasa bertanggungjawab untuk menegur perbuatan yg kurang sesuai telah dimaki hamun malah dikatakn 'bzbody' kerana sibuk menegur dirinya yang sudah diketahui salah ...yg menyakitkan hatiku, dia tahu dia salah tp cuba meletakkan kesalahan menegur or bzbody pada org lain...apa punya manusiakah ini???tidak ada rs harga diri untuk mengakui kesalahan sendiri, malah meletakkan kesalahan itu pada org yang ingin menolong menegur mereka...jika ini adalah sifat remaja zaman sekarang, aku takut untuk melihat sejenak masa hadapanku mengajar anak2 remaja yg mungkin lebih teruk dari hari ini...aku takut tapi ini adalah kemungkinan yg perlu aku terima...dan aku berharap aku mampu untuk menghadapinya...ya allah, bantulah hambamu ini dalam menghadapi liku2 kehidupan sebagai seorang guru kepada bakal pemimpin2 masa hadapan...amin...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

assalamualaikum....hi, we meet has been a hectic week for me...project paper, project paper and project paper...bosan betul...^_^ nwy i'm here to share some interesting information with you guys...i watched 'motivasi pagi' by Dato' Dr. Fadhilah Kamsah the other day...the topic was about teachers out there this can be a good start for you, a good start to a good rapport between teachers and students...Dr Fadhilah Kamsah said that, teachers should start their teaching processes with a good and sincere intention... they should have good intentions towards their students..teachers who have good intentions towards their students = having good and harmonious rapport with their never ever think that your students are's a no no no for you...teachers, have you ever heard that our words can sometimes become a prayer to our students??? so just imagine if you think that your students are stupid, then it is not possible that they might turn into a bunch of stupid people... our actions and words might help to 'enlighten' this matter.... so teachers plez bear in mind that do not you ever do this to your students...they deserve to have your attention during the teaching and lerning processes... n the word teachers here does not only apply to those who are in the teaching profession but also to those who love to share their skills, info with others (eventhough it is just a piece of advice, you can still be considred as a teacher, right? ^_^)...the word teachers can be generalised and from my point of view, we are all teachers, forever and ever ^_^

Friday, January 16, 2009

--- me and my interesting friends - future teachers ^_^

looking back at my blog's title, GoodMorningTeacher??: me myself was wondering,why did i choose this title at the first place??...hmmm...actually this came from my roommate's idea...she is a blogger, love to write and surely love to share-in contrast with my personality (hate to write and share =p) still i was thinking of a way to share my thoughts about my future i asked for her opinion (regarding the title of this blog) so here i am, just had a still point to create a blog (and i think it is quite late =p) then, when i think back, this title do have some "strong" connection with me...i remember having this one incident whereby one of my friends (when i was in secondary school), greeted me "good morning teacher"...i was wondering why bt then she said i do have a quality of being a teacher (minus the part they do know that i'm going to be a teacher-because my father is a teacher-and he will force me to become a teacher)...this is where the 2 question marks come in...because i did not really want to be a teacher....i did not dare to say this was my now i'm proud to say that I AM A TEACHER...i love this profesion (minus the 6 years of torture ^_^)...having the opportunities to meet interesting friends (i really mean this =p), lecturers, students (during my practical teaching) and the most important part is i'm able to make my parents proud of me...i feel lucky and grateful that my dad did 'force' me to enter this field (maybe he "saw" my future at that time, who knows)...back to the title of this blog, i love it as it reflects who i was and it reminds me of my 'stupidity'....whatever it is life has to go on....and so do i.....^_^

Thursday, January 15, 2009


hi to whoever is out there...thank you for visiting my first-little-immature blog ^_^ i'm the new member of this blogger community..hope that i can keep up to the necessity of being "loyal" and "hardworking" enough to log in and update my blog (coz i'm totally out from the community who loves to write and share their thoughts and opinions) hahaha....nwy looking forward for a great time joining this blogger give me support so that i can continue this "new routine" of writing blog ^_^ thanks